2016 Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Programme 2016 is now calling for applications

2016 Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Programme 2016 is now calling for applications


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Algan Sezgintüredi

Aslı Biçen

Aslı Biçen studied English Literature. She is the co-founder of Book Translators' Union and has translated the works of many important authors into Turkish, among them Charles Dickens, William Faulkner, Lawrence Durrell and John Berger. Her first work of fiction Hold My Hand was published in 2005. Snapping Point received the 2009 Book of the Year Award given by the literature clubs of highschools in Izmir. Her most recent novel is Threat Letters.

Aslı Tohumcu

Attila Birkiye

Born on May 29, 1955, Atilla Birkiye studied Philosophy at Istanbul University. Since then he has worked as an editor in publishing houses and on encyclopaedias and has served on the editorial boards of several literary magazines. He was appointed Secretary General of the Union of Turkish Writers, and has served on the Executive Board of Turkish Pen. Birkiye’s literary talents have also been exercised in the broadcasting and performing arts media. As well as being an essayist and a novelist, Birkiye is also an accomplished poet - though he personally has never considered himself as such.


Bilge Karasu

One of Turkey's most respected writers, Bilge Karasu, (1930-1995) published four books of short stories, three novels and four collections of essays. His first novel Night is the winner of the 1991 Pegasus Literature Award, and English Translation of Karasu's The Garden of Departed Cats (New Directions) by Aron Aji was given the 2004 National Translation Award in the USA. His novella A Long Day's Evening was selected to European Society of Author's Finnegan's List of under-translated modern classics.


Çağdaş İspanyol edebiyatının en parlak yazarlarından Javier Cercas'dan "Kiracı" @EverestKitap tarafından yayımlandı

Çağdaş İspanyol edebiyatının en parlak yazarlarından Javier Cercas'dan "Kiracı" tarafından yayımlandı

Cemal Dindar

Cihat Duman

Congratulations to Svetlana Alexievich for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature 2015

We are honoured to be the Turkish subagent of Svetlana Alexievich works and congratulate the author for winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature

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Ebru Akkaş Kuseyri

She is an author and editor of children's books. She has been writing children's book reviews for the literary supplements for more than ten years. Auntie Orange is her first book. Ebru lives in Istanbul. Her house is full of plants and books. And she enjoys reading children's books.

Ebru Ojen

Erbuğ Kaya

Born in Ankara, Erbuğ Kaya spent a childhood around the country as the son of a naval officer, came to Istanbul in 1992 to start university - and never left. After six years of studying civil engineering, he decided to leave without completing his degree and went into IT design, where his talent was recognised by Microsoft: he won the prestigious Most Valuable Professional prize four times between 2008 and 2012.

He has always written, and his first novel Giddar published in 2009 was followed by the Age of the Five in 2012 and Maderzad Palace in 2017.

Erbuğ Kaya lives with his wife Funda, the love of his life, in a flat cosier than a washing powder box.




Esmahan Aykol

Esmahan Aykol was born in Edirne, Turkey, 1970, now living in Berlin and Istanbul. While studying towards a degree in law, she worked as a journalist for several Turkish newspapers and radio stations. Later she and a friend opened a bar, which went bust in no time. Her friend then opened a bookshop and Esmahan Aykol wrote a novel which became a bestseller not only in that bookshop, but throughout Turkey: ›Hotel Bosporus‹. Today, she concentrates solely on writing. She is the creator of the likeable Kati Hirschel novels, the third of which has just recently been published. Aykol’s books have been published in 10 languages.

Fakir Baykurt

Born in Burdur, he worked as a Turkish language teacher after training at the Gazi Institute of Education. During his teaching career, he was elected as president of the Turkish Teachers Union. Fakir Baykurt’s first steps into the world of literature were in poetry, but he is mostly known as storyteller and novelist. He died in 1999.

1970 Yunus Nadi Novel Prize (The Revenge of Snakes)
1970 TRT Story Prize (The Dead at the Border)
1971 Turkish Language Institute Novel Prize (Scythe)
1978 Orhan Kemal Novel Prize (Legend of Kara Ahmet)
1984 Berlin Senate Children’s Literature Prize (The Peace Cake)

Gürsel Korat

Gürsel Korat was born in 1960. He spent his childhood and youth in Kayseri. He completed his higher education at Ankara University. His writings have been published in various magazines and newspapers. He wrote scripts for some movie projects, has taught at a few universities and is still a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Communications at Gazi University.

Hristo Karastoyanov

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Kalin Terziyski

Mahir Öztaş

Born in 1951 and one of the original voices of modern Turkish literature, has been publishing poems, short stories, and novels for more than thirty years. He graduated in architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, a career that took him to Saudi Arabia, through Europe, Asia, and North Africa. He now devotes his full time to writing. His first book was Unutulmak Tozlari ( "Dust of Forgottenness," 1983), a collection of poems. A book of stories, Ay Gozetleme Komitesi ( "Committee for Moon Watching," 1987) followed, and won the 1988 Sait Faik Short Story Award. His 1989 collection Korku Oyunu ("Game of Fear " ) won the Yunus Nadi Short Story Award, and the novel Soguma ("Cooling Off," 1995) won the novel award from the same foundation. He participated courtesy of the Grace Piercy Fellowship.

Melida Tüzünoğlu

Menekşe Toprak

Menekşe Toprak (b. 1970 in Kayseri) is a Turkish writer, freelance journalist and radio programmer. After completing his primary and secondary education in Ankara and Cologne, she graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara, Turkey. She lives between Berlin and Istanbul since 2002.

Her first stories book "Valizdeki Mektup" was published in 2007 by YKY Publishing. Her stories took part at magazines as Kitaplık, Notos Öykü, Özgür Edebiyat and anthologies as "Istanbul in Women Stories" and "Ankara in Women Stories". Her stories were also translated into German and appeared at 20th Century Turkish Stories Anthology (Türkische Erzählungen des 20 Jahrhunderts Suhrkampverlag). She has two stories books and one novel published.

Murat Arda

Murat Başekim

Murat Tuncel

Murat Tuncel was born in Kars, in eastern Turkey in 1952. He worked in Turkey as a primary school teacher and later taught Turkish language in a high school. He later worked as a journalist for numerous newspapers and magazines.

He has published eleven books in Turkish including novels, short stories, children's books and memoirs. Two of his novels and a short story collection won major literary awards in Turkey.

His first story was published in the Uyaniş newspaper in 1979. His stories are published in literary magazines such as Varlik, Evrensel Kültür, Damar, Edebıyat Dunyası, Kıyı, Gösteri Sanat and Cumhuriyet Kitap. He also regularly contributes to Turkish literary magazines on subjects such as Dutch and Flemish literature.

Tuncel's most recent work, the first of a series of novels titled "The Ottomans- Thracian Sun" is currently being prepared for publication in Bulgarian and Arabic while his short story book titled "Shadow Girl" is also planned to be published in Russian.

Tuncel is also member of the Turkish Writer's Association (TYS) and the Dutch Writer's Association (VvL), Turkish PEN, Turkish Journalist's Association and several other writer's clubs.


Murat Uyurkulak

Murat Uyurkulak was born in 1972 in Aydın. A university dropout, Uyurkulak worked as a waiter, technician, translator, journalist and publisher. His first novel Tol: Bir İntikam Romanı/Tol: A Revenge Novel was published in 2002. It was received with wide critical acclaim, immediately establishing him as a new and powerful voice in contemporary Turkish literature. Tol was adapted for the theater and has enjoyed a long and successful run. His second novel Har: Bir Kıyamet Romanı/Har: An Apocalyptic Novel was published in 2006.

Mustafa Kutlu

Born in 1947 in Erzincan. After completing his studies, he started teaching on Turkish literature. He has contributed to various literary periodicals since 1968 and currently works as an editor of chief of Dergah Literature, Art, Culture Magazine. Kutlu’s stories mark a climax in modern Turkish literature. He has a simple and enchanting language following Anatolian anecdote tradition. Along with short stories and essays, he also writes scripts for cinema and television films and produces TV shows. He is columnist for a prominent Turkish newspaper. His works with 300.000 of sold copies in Turkey have been translated into many languages.


  • Best Story Writer Award 1981 by Writers Union of Turkey
  • Best Story Writer Award 1983 by Writers Union of Turkey
  • Language Award for Uzun Hikaye (Long Story) 2000 by Writers Union of Turkey


Nurdan Gürbilek

A foremost cultural critic in Turkey, Nurdan Gürbilek is the author of Living in a Shop Window, an analysis of the cultural dynamics of the 1980s in Turkey. Her other publications include Shifting Shadow and Homework, collections of essays on modern Turkish writers. After Bad Boy Turk, an analysis of the significant images and tropes in modern Turkish literature and popular culture, she published Orient Lost, which explores the sexual anxieties accompanying the Ottoman-Turkish literary modernization, and Language of the Downtrodden, which deals with Dostoyevsky's "underground tragedy" and its counterparts in modern Turkish litterature. Her most recent book is Someone Before Me, 2011.

One week left to apply to the SIBF professional programme

One week left to apply to the SIBF professional programme: deadline Thursday 30 June

Özlem Kumrular

B.A. in Western Languages and Literatures (Bosphorus University),  M.A. in History (Bosphorus University) and PhD in Fundaciones de la investigación histórica (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain). Areas of interest: 16th century-European-Ottoman & Mediterranean History, Spanish and Italian paleography, imagology, religious and social conflicts, marginal social classes, Turcophobia, Islamophobia,  picaresque novel and picaresque society. She has published 19 books on history, literature, music and black humor, translated 12 books from different languages and edited The Turkish Image, The Turks and the Sea, Suleiman the Magnificent. She has been teaching at Bahçeşehir University since 1999.



Sine Ergün

Sine Ergün (1982) is a writer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She has published three books: Burası Tekin Değil (It's not Safe Here, Yitik Ülke Publishing, 2010; Can Publishing, 2012), Bazen Hayat(Life, Sometimes, Can Publishing, 2012) and Baştankara (Chickadee, Can Publishing, 2016). In 2013, she received the 59th Sait Faik Short Story Award for her book Bazen Hayat (Life, Sometimes). Her translation works, essays, interviews, poetry, and short stories have been published in several literature magazines, and Ergün herself has worked as an editor at Notos Book and edited Notos magazine. Since 2012, she has been working as the founding director of the art initiative maumau. She is currently preparing her next show as a curator as well as working on an anthology on Bartleby Syndrome - the Writers of No.

Sine Ergün's "Chickadee" is awarded for the 2017 EU Literature Prize.

The Turkish edition of Time Second Hand by Svetlana Alexievich has just come out

Vildan Çetin

Born in Izmir, she completed her graduate of Public Relations and Advertising and Master Degree of Radio, TV & Cinema at Marmara University. She has worked as a producer and assistant director for various television and production companies. Still works as a copywriter and creative director.

Yavuz Ekinci

Zafer Şenocak